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    UDP Client server: Usage over a WAN

    I have an application that sends data (server) to a UDP client. It runs perfectly on the same computer, and over the LAN as long as I know as the destination address of the client. However, the moment I do this over the internet, it no longer works because it does not have the address of the...
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    How to exit loop in an async call?

    Simplified version of my code is like this: var joined = false for room in rooms { checkRoom() { // async func if room.player.count == 1 { join(room) joined = true // break doesnt work here } } if joined { break; } }...
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    How to access requested body from another function with async/await?

    Sorry for the generic title. I'm pretty new to nodejs as well as the idea of async/await. So I have an express app, which makes an HTTP get request as a callback function. The callback function gets the body object, and returns it to getBody function. But when I try to assign getBody to a...