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    ZK Architecture: Zookeeper Clients in WAN

    A Zookeeper architecture question for you ZK Gurus: I use zookeeper to manage messaging to a cloud of worker machines. Currently the application servers that control the messages and the workers are in the same infrastructure (network). I'm considering allowing clients to communicate with these...
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    Can I use kafka over Internet?

    Is kafka suitable for Internet-use? More precisely, what I want is to expose kafka topics as "public interface", then external consumers (or producers) can connect to it. Is it possible? I hear there are problems if I want to use the cluster in both internal and external networks, because it...
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    How do you log a login failure in Symfony 4?

    My Question What sort of Response should I return that won't change the default response? Or is there a better way to tack on a logger to a Login Failure/badcredentialsexception? Details I found this post here which states that you can (in Symfony 2.4) customize authentication failures or...
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    SSH permission denied (public-key)

    I am stuck trying to get SSH to work from my iMac to my desktop running Ubuntu. I've combed through the forums for a solution but nothing has worked for me so far. Strangely, I can SSH in from my MacBook running a near identical version of macOS. This perhaps rules out any issues with the SSH...
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    Xenforo Password Authentication Problrm

    Following is my password stored hash: $P$Di4MXJKUkkJRfzrpffssNdasSN3XAg0 I am trying to authenticate my Xenforo password like this: $newHash = $crypt($userPass, $stored_hash); return $newHash === $stored_hash; For example: my password is: 123456 my password stored hash is...