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    How to deselect the select all checkbox when i am deselecting even 1 checkbox in android

    I want functionality in my project where on a click of select all checkbox all the checkbox in the list must get selected and on deselect of checkbox all the other checkbox must get deselected. I have achieved this functionality by doing this: /*in my main activity i have done this*/...
  2. G

    AndroidStudio onCheackedChangeListener

    Quiero aprender a usar el escuchador onCheackedChangeListener, pero cada vez que lo quiero implementar se cierra la app, se que se puede hacer con onCLick, pero necesito saber usar este Google Translate: I want to learn how to use the listener onCheckedChangeListener, but every time I want to...
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    How to get checkboxes to repopulate using xenforo options

    Im using the following function in XenForo and the checkboxes are created for each node and the chosen options are saved in the db, but when the option is reloaded, the saved values are not being repopulated in the form. Option: <option option_id="hc_watched_forums_list" edit_format="callback"...