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    Constant data feed from a log file to wan

    I am looking for an efficient way to feed a log file via the network (a demon of sorts). Each packet being a number of lines from the log file so that they can be processed from the other end. It is important for the server to be independent from the client meaning that it should be able to...
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    ZK Architecture: Zookeeper Clients in WAN

    A Zookeeper architecture question for you ZK Gurus: I use zookeeper to manage messaging to a cloud of worker machines. Currently the application servers that control the messages and the workers are in the same infrastructure (network). I'm considering allowing clients to communicate with these...
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    UDP Client server: Usage over a WAN

    I have an application that sends data (server) to a UDP client. It runs perfectly on the same computer, and over the LAN as long as I know as the destination address of the client. However, the moment I do this over the internet, it no longer works because it does not have the address of the...
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    Sending file over WAN stuck (Java Socket)

    I got a really weird problem by sending files over Internet with java Socket. I have a Java server that works pretty fine in LAN, it communicates and transfer files. The problem is in WAN: when I ran the Server on a remote PC, the Client can communicate with Server, but he'll stuck at 0% when it...