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    Creating .Bat with many commands

    My concern is "how to create .bat file which will launch a couple of commands and save completed result into a HTML file" I have next list of Windows (CMD) commands: Date, Time, Hostname, Net Accounts, Net Users, Net Group. For example: When i type: Echo Net Accounts >...
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    How do I check how many versions of Python I have installed on my device using the cmd prompt?

    I have Anaconda and Spyder, which I know use Python 3.6.5 and 3.6.6, alongside Python 3.7.0. How do I check how many version of python I have installed using the Windows Command Prompt?
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    How to execute windows cmd commands on windows ubuntu?

    I recently got windows ubuntu. I want to run a windows cmd command on windows ubuntu. Is that possible. For example, I want to open an exe file. In cmd, you can just type Executable.exe to execute that file. If I do that in windows ubuntu, it would result in Executable.exe: command not found...
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    How can delete all files with a specific extension with cmd batch, excluding 2 specific words? Windows

    I want to delete with a batch for windows all files with extension *.jpg in a folder (test) and its subfolder, except two files ex: abc.jpg and xyz.jpg that occur several times in different folders. I tried with h: cd test for /R %%f in (*.jpg) do (if not "%%~xf"=="abc.jpg" if not...
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    If exist does not work anymore in a batch file

    i have a problem with a batch. It scans folders for new pdf files, print, move and delete them. It worked fine until it suddenly stopped without an error. If i type it manually into the cmd it calls "file path does not exist", but it's the correct path. I don't have any clue, maybe some can help...
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    Batch file copying from multiple directories with same file names

    I would like to copy all .gml files from my downloads using a batch file, however, they are all in subdirectories and all called the same name. What I have so far is: FOR /r C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads %%f in (*.gml) do copy %%~f C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop\Inspire_Index_polygons\ This copies...