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    Ajax response appending in a table

    I am doing a django project where in in ajax, i am calling my function and getting response in array then i am appending those response in my html table. <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $.ajax({ method : 'POST', url : '/home'...
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    How can I setup my Django server on LAN

    I have made a Django employee portal which will be accessed by LAN only. It works when another employee opens it by typing the IP address of the server on their web browser. However I don't have much experience with Django and I think that this is not the proper way to do so. I run my server...
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    Django; How to redirect after confirm window

    I'm working on Django project. I'm creating a delete function and I'm wondering how I can redirect to a page with ajax. My current is this. def delete_post(request, pk): if request.method == 'DELETE': post = get_object_or_404(Post, id=pk) post.delete()...
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    AJAX function not receiving return data from a function it calls

    This is a bit difficult to explain, because I'm not sure what's happening. In my code base for this Django web project, I have a custom list class that manages several LI elements. The class has a 'find' method that returns the DOM element of the matching string. Next, I have an AJAX query that...
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    Đường dẫn tương đối Jquery AJAX được nối với url hiện tại

    Mình có request AJAX sau đây cho một số vị trí được đề cập trong trường URL. Khi mình cố gắng gửi yêu cầu này, nó liên kết URL hiện tại (từ trình duyệt) và nối URL AJAX này với nó và yêu cầu PUT của mình không thành công. jQuery.ajax({ type: 'PUT', url: 'qres/pfolio/v1/'+portfolio_id+'/'...