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    Scrollable element with flex pushing other elements out as it grows

    I'm trying to create a page with the following layout: +-------------------------------------------------------+ | | | nav | | |...
  2. L

    Move last <li> element to bottom of container with the rest centered

    I'm trying to get my menu centered using flexbox centering in the middle of the bar while the last element is pushed to the bottom of the container. Here is my JSfiddle. I've tried with align-self flex-end with no success and li:last-child { margin-top: auto; } That aligns my the last...
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    How to create horizontal scroll using css flexbox?

    I would like to create a webpage with a section that scrolls horizontally using flexbox. However, the code results in each box being reduced in size to fit the screen, rather than overflowing and enabling for horizontal scrolling. Code: .main { flex-direction: row; -webkit-flex-direction...