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    Android Studio Git: login screen checked as Remember with wrong password

    I can not access my project in Git because I entered an erroneous password with the box marked (remember), this has caused that the login window no longer appears and therefore the user always invalidates me. I need to access from the Android Studio to clone my project is a requirement. Login...
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    How to prevent “npm install” change package.json

    I have a Maven project where I execute npm install in build with the com.github.eirslett frontend-maven-plugin plugin. My problem is that after the build, git says me that the package.json has been changed, although when I check the diff (in IntelliJ) it says Contents are identical. If i run...
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    Update a local repository with changes from a GitHub repository? NOT “git pull origin master”

    I have created a CLI application for a friend of mine written in Ruby. In order to be useful, this application needs to be updated weekly, which I will do by pushing the changes to GitHub. My friend is the furthest thing from tech-savvy and is incapable of following the steps in order to pull...