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    Firestore PERMISSION_DENIED on Google Cloud Compute

    I have a Java application using firebase-admin that I'm trying to get to observe a collection in Firestore and act upon modifications to it. I have the following code: final GoogleCredentials credentials = GoogleCredentials .getApplicationDefault(); final FirebaseOptions options =...
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    Remove Firestore Snapshot Listener From Inside Listener

    Super simple question. I need to remove a firestore snapshot listener once I hit a certain point inside of my listener. Seems like this should be super easy but I can't figure it out. Thanks! Example code: val registration = gameRef.addSnapshotListener { snapshot, e -> //code...
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    Updating a collection name in Cloud Firestore

    Can we change the name of a collection in Cloud Firestore? I have created a collection with 200 documents. Now I want to change the name of the collection. In the Firebase console, I could not find a way to do this. Is it possible to change a collection's name either through code or in the...