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    If statement running after function being called

    I'm setting up a mailer to send an email to the relevant recipient about some details of an appointment request. I'm having an issue where the IF statement that runs to decide who the necessary recipient should be is running after the email transporter and is giving me an error saying that no...
  2. R

    Looping within switch statements

    I am wondering what the most efficient method for looping within a switch statement would be. Below I have a userInput variable and would like suggestions if an if/then statement would be better implemented here to continue my menu selection until -1 is entered to exit my program, or if a...
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    If exist does not work anymore in a batch file

    i have a problem with a batch. It scans folders for new pdf files, print, move and delete them. It worked fine until it suddenly stopped without an error. If i type it manually into the cmd it calls "file path does not exist", but it's the correct path. I don't have any clue, maybe some can help...