1. B

    Srcset only loads largest image

    I have this image tag with a few different srcs and it's only loading the one. I feel like I followed the directions, but it's only loading the 600px width image (w_600 image). <img srcset=" 600w...
  2. R

    Img in ionic cordova popover component does not show

    I would like that when a user presses a button in the app, a popup opens. This popup shows several rounded filter options(pictures infront of an invisible checkbox ) which are are changing when pressed. Something like this: The problem is that somehow I am not able to see the img in the...
  3. D

    Trying to echo an image in Php, cant find src

    i just started learning Php, right now im trying to convert a HTML page to a Wordpress Theme. I have trouble trying to display images... In my HTML page i have imgs like: <img class="mainlogoclean" src="images/akbarlogoclean.png"/> When i tried to change it with php my page just stop working...