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    Keyboard shortcuts giving me errors in tkinter

    I am trying to create a text editor with python 3 and tkinter. The text editor works great except for when I try to use my keyboard shortcuts. Whenever I use any of the shortcuts, I get an error that says this: Traceback (most recent call last): File...
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    How to make links in Sparkle release notes open default browser?

    I am using Sparkle for updates in a macOS app, and pass release notes in the appcast.xml tag: <sparkle:releaseNotesLink></sparkle:releaseNotesLink> The release notes contain HTML, which Sparkle displays, and link to more information about the release on my...
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    SSH permission denied (public-key)

    I am stuck trying to get SSH to work from my iMac to my desktop running Ubuntu. I've combed through the forums for a solution but nothing has worked for me so far. Strangely, I can SSH in from my MacBook running a near identical version of macOS. This perhaps rules out any issues with the SSH...