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    MongoDB & Mongoose query returns null for aggregate $or search with non-matching field, returns individual searches or with undefined value omitted

    I'm a bit confused by the behavior I'm seeing in a Mongoose/MongoDB query, as it seems that the $or operator is being treated as an $and I have the following Collection Document that I am querying for: { "_id": { "$oid": "5bd0d709ff8eef5d5325090f" }, "audienceTrackingID"...
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    Modification of configuration file using sed

    mongod.conf file # mongod.conf # for documentation of all options, see: # # Where and how to store data. storage: dbPath: /var/lib/mongodb journal: enabled: true # engine: # mmapv1: # wiredTiger: # where to...
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    Nodejs querying single data instead of all from mongodb collection

    I am trying to fetch data from mongodb's collection. My code is executing only single row data in json format. But when I console log my data I can see all the row data. const mongoose = require('mongoose'); const AllMinisters = require('../models/allMinisters'); var db; var mongodb =...
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    How to change MongoDB output JSON format

    I am new to MongoDb and would appreciate some help with this query. I wrote the following aggregation pipeline db.collection1.aggregate([ { "$match": { "type" : "L" }}, { "$facet": { "ON": [ { "$match" : {"lampStatus":'ON'}}, { "$count": "ON" } ]...
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    Node js mongoose cập nhật thuộc tính mảng lồng nhau

    Mình muốn cập nhật thuộc tính chargeList isDelete thành true khi giá trị ngày lớn hơn một giá trị cụ thể. Code của mình như sau: { "chargeList": [ { "date": ISODate("2013-06-26T18:57:30.012Z"), "price": "123", "isDelete": false }, { "date"...