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    Oracle insert with many bind variables over WAN is very slow

    We have problem with slow insert statement using 40 bind variables as columns values. It runs several seconds when running over WAN link and we were not able to nail down the problem, until we used network analyzer. Every single execution of this prepared query required exchanging over 120...
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    WAN Optimization Resources

    I'm looking for resources on writing software to do WAN optimization. I've googled this and searched SO, but there doesn't seem to be much around. The only things I've found are high-level articles in tech magazines, and info for network admins on how to make use of existing WAN optimization...
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    Communication Pc-Phone

    I'm quite new to android, but I have already created several apps and published, on the android market. But now I want to add an upgrade to my app. Basically, my app is a tracking software that currently works with an sms interceptor and so gets the data, like location, Camera, audio recording...
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    What is the easiest way to test if a user is connected to our WAN?

    A bit of background. I work for a corporation that has a global WAN. External users connect to it through a VPN and must be connected to it in order to have access to their emails and, of course, shared network directories. I have a .Net application that is published and installed from our...
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    Broadcast on different subnets

    Please if you can help me about my problem. On one side I have server with IP connected to the WAN interface of router ...Then on wireless LAN of my router I have connected a few clients. Now I will write code in C where client are requesting some UDP streams...
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    How to find the WAN ip for a connected computer

    I have been trying to get the IP of a person on my network, so I tried pinging them and finding their ip on my network site, but it didn't give me their WAN ip. Please help.
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    Difference in various local ports

    When I run $ netstat -ntlp I get the following output: Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name tcp 0 0* LISTEN - tcp 0 0