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    The command “ Get-Command -Module Defender” has no output

    I need to disable Windows defender in an old build of Windows 10 (en_windows_10_pro_10240_x64_dvd) without activating windows update, The problem I'm facing is that the usual powershell commands to do that don't work, the command Get-Command -Module Defender has no output! output of...
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    Passing switches ( eg -IncludeManagementTools) to Install-WindowsFeature as variables

    I'm using this as a way of finally getting around to using Stackoverflow properly! I'm trying to run the following line as part of a larger script: Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server -IncludeManagementTools WHich obviously works on it's own, but not when I try and pass "-IncludeManagementTools"...
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    How can i use system() with rxrepl in WinCC OA?

    I try to use: string result; string path = "C:/winccoa.projects/filters/bin/tools/rxrepl.exe"; string cmd = "'opcki' | " + path + " -s 'op' -r 'tata'"; system(cmd, result); DebugN(result); But in LogViewer i see nothing, instead ["tatacki"] Why? What i doing wrong? In PowerShell that works...