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    Avoid cart items price update for specific product categories in Woocommerce

    I am using below script under my WordPress child theme functions.php to overwrite price, but below code is affecting to all the products. Can you please help me "not to run" below code if the product is under some specific "shirts", "games" category? function calculate_cart_total( $cart_object...
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    Adding custom text to the variation price in Woocommerce

    I thought this would have been easy, but I am stuck. All I am trying to do is add the word each after the variation price on a product page. The solution I have found adds it on the category page and in two places on the product page. The code is: /* Adds a text Each - after price */ function...
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    Woocommerce Variable Product Prices prefix

    Currently I'm using a this code/plugin to show prefix and lowest price the shop: function show_only_lowest_prices_in_woocommerce_variable_products_load_plugin_textdomain() { load_plugin_textdomain( 'show-only-lowest-prices-in-woocommerce-variable-products', FALSE, basename( dirname(...