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    How do I create a file I can stream data to in Python?

    I'd like to create a file similar to those under /dev that I can stream lines of text to without actually writing anything to the disk. I want to still be able to read this stream like a regular text file.
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    Cannot install ordereddict to specific Python version on Ubuntu 18

    I am trying to install the ordereddict module to my Python 2.7 setup as I get an error saying this is missing when I attempt to execute code. When I try sudo pip install ordereddict this seems to install it to my Python 3.6 build...I was off the impression that sudo pip3 install...
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    Sending data with XMLHttpRequest

    I have a website that should send a name to a python script (on a third-party website) when a button is pressed. This python script will then make the name uppercase and return it back to the website. Right now an XMLHttpRequest is correctly being sent when the button is pressed, but I'm unsure...
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    Python: Popen().stdout.peek() hangs

    I'm trying to integrate a REPL-like command line program into a Python project. The command line program takes an input string and returns an output string, and it works fine when run on its own. The problem is that when I try to use Popen().stdout.peek() or .read() on it, it hangs and doesn't...
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    Django; How to redirect after confirm window

    I'm working on Django project. I'm creating a delete function and I'm wondering how I can redirect to a page with ajax. My current is this. def delete_post(request, pk): if request.method == 'DELETE': post = get_object_or_404(Post, id=pk) post.delete()...