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    How to use replication in combination with version control system?

    The situation is as follow : Our company works two main production sites, communicating via WAN. We develop a software internally which uses about 100Gb of disk space on our servers (application data deployed to our customers with a lot of images). In order in improve performance, our network...
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    Is it possible to have basic wan replication for hazelcast opensource edition?

    I'm aware that on hazelcast editions comparison page: it is clearly specified that WAN replication is only for enterprise edition. But, on the other hand, this hazelcast documentation is divided into two parts...
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    Hazelcast WAN replication vs Solace

    We are evaluating IMDG technologies, Apache Geode vs Hazelcast, any real differences? hazelcast has WAN replication. Also hazelcast can be used with Solace. whats the difference?