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    Extract specific XMLs from log file

    I have large log files (around 50mb each), which contain java debug information plus all kinds of XML responses Here's an example of something I'm trying to extract from the log <envelope> <response> <ATTR name="uniqueid" value="XYZ_00000-00-00_12345_1"/> <ATTR name="status"...
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    How to stop sed from inserting newline?

    I want to stop sed from adding a newline with the i editing command: > `echo "hello" | sed 'i TEST'` TEST hello The result I want is: TESThello
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    Modification of configuration file using sed

    mongod.conf file # mongod.conf # for documentation of all options, see: # # Where and how to store data. storage: dbPath: /var/lib/mongodb journal: enabled: true # engine: # mmapv1: # wiredTiger: # where to...