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    Make domain folder act as root

    I have a domain for example this domain contain a full project in Whenever I write <link ref="stylesheets" href="/style/main.css"> it search in the domain root not in the system directory which the project in. I have tried to edit all my path to be...
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    How to connect a local server to multiple computers via Ethernet cable WITHOUT Internet?

    I have a windows machine that has a local WAMP server running without the Internet. I would need to connect a few Mac computers to that local server via Ethernet cable stream some video content. I kind of know that I would need a router to connect all to Mac computers and a server computer. I...
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    SNMP call to shared printer

    I have a next LAN scheme: <MyPC 10.220.0.x> --- <WinServ 2008r2 10.220.0.x> --- <Xerox WC 192.168.0.x> Server has PrintServer role enabled and printer is shared. I want to monitor the printer's state/errors through SNMP but problem is that I haven't acess to printer directly because it is in a...
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    Creating an interactive lab environment with a server

    I want to install an interactive lab environment in which students can code within that environment. I want to use for the IDE part. But, I don't want students to access the Internet apart from So, how can disable the Internet access except Thanks in...
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    How can I setup my Django server on LAN

    I have made a Django employee portal which will be accessed by LAN only. It works when another employee opens it by typing the IP address of the server on their web browser. However I don't have much experience with Django and I think that this is not the proper way to do so. I run my server...