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    How to get computer's WAN IP address in Java?

    How do i get the Wide Area Network of my computer with Java? I try with this: ServerSocket ss = new ServerSocket(port); System.out.println(ss.getInetAddress().getHostAddress()); //wich return then i try with this: System.out.println(InetAddress.getLocalHost().toString()); //which...
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    UDP transmission over WAN

    I have asked a couple of similar questions the last couple of days and received some really great help. I now understand my problem quite a bit better but I appear to have hit a snag. I have written a client server application that uses both a TCP and UDP connection. The TCP connection works...
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    Calling method on other java application via lan

    i have 2 java applications connected to each other via LAN (wifi network) the first one public class ServerApp { public static void zzz(){ System.out.println("hi"); } public static void main(String[] args) { try { ServerSocket ss=new ServerSocket(6666)...
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    Sending file over WAN stuck (Java Socket)

    I got a really weird problem by sending files over Internet with java Socket. I have a Java server that works pretty fine in LAN, it communicates and transfer files. The problem is in WAN: when I ran the Server on a remote PC, the Client can communicate with Server, but he'll stuck at 0% when it...