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    Where is the bottleneck / what are the gotchas when selecting records from a remote (linked) SQL server?

    I'm in a satellite office that needs to pull some data from our main office for display on our intranet. We use MS SQL Server in both locations and we're planning to create a linked server in our satellite office pointing to the main office. The connection between the two is a VPN tunnel I...
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    What does sql server do when a JPA transaction fails across a network?

    I'm using JPA to connect to an SQL server across a WAN. I've been unable to find information on what happens when I begin a JPA transaction that involves writes to the remote DB, but the WAN connection goes down before or during commit. In each transaction, I'm transmitting a header and several...
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    SQLCMD Mode run with .net windows application

    I want to run SQLCMD.EXE through .net windows application how can I achieve this?