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    TCPSocket connection reset by peer

    require 'socket' socket ='', '443') while line = socket.gets puts line.chop end socket.close I should receive something like {"op":"connection","connectionId":"002-230915140112-174"} but I receive Connection reset by peer which betfair included a nodejs...
  2. D

    Decoding CSR using Ruby OpenSSL with SANs

    I have been using the Ruby openssl module to decode information from a CSR. I have the basic CSR decoded, but I cannot work out how to retrieve the Subject Alternate Names from the CSR. Code so far: require 'openssl' def parse_csr(csr) csr = csr puts...
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    Xenforo + Cloudflare Flexible SSL

    Today I installed my side for Xenforo and Cloudflare Flexible SSL. The Xenforo admin panel is working, and have SSL Green lock. But, if I opened for forum (index.php example), the browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.), blocked for load scripts. If I accept for load, the forum load. But no have...