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    Get most two recent items ordered by date from a dictionary array

    Been looking in similar threads but just can't to wrap my head around it. My current item seems way more complicated even for me. Here is my json (sorry it is a bit long): items = [ { 'name' : 'Books', 'types':[ { 'name' : 'Hard Cover'...
  2. H

    Apply Mat-Tootip to Mat-table cell generated using *matRowDef

    Currently I am using some data to create and populate a table dynamically. The number of columns remains consistent but the number of rows changes depending on the data. There is one column in the table that shows a number. I want to add a tool tip that shows on hover, which is extra data...
  3. K

    How to create custom datatype in typescript?

    I have a object like below export const appErrorTemplate = { NO_APP : { template : 'Unable to initialize #{0}()!', code : 'no-app' }, NO_REQ_FOUND : { template : '#{0}() requires \'#{1}\' to process!', code : 'no-required-found' }, MISMATH : {...
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    Set border of last element of a table based on background

    I have a table which simply displays key-value pairs. The HTML code for the same is: <div class="kvp-data-table"> <div class="table-container" *ngFor="let keyValuePair of keyValuePairs; let i = index"> <div class="key-value-container" fxFlex fxLayout="row"> <div...
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    How to slice a part of string using typescript?

    I am building up a custom select box with multi select as like angular material chips.. HTML <div class="autocomplete"> <div class="chips-input-container"> <div class="col-md-4"> <div class="user-chip" *ngFor="let user of userSelects"> {{user.name}}...