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    Running a python file from current location to another one?

    I am new in Ubuntu :) By using Terminal now i am on particular location and i want to run a python file that found in another location ? what the correct command to run this file in the current location? Thanks in advance
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    Bash script to ensure only one instance of a script running & others waiting

    I have a bash script runner.sh which invokes another script.sh. script.sh is invoked only from runner.sh. I can have only one instance of script.sh executing at a time. If multiple invocations of runner.sh is made then runner.sh should make all the caller's wait if script.sh is already running...
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    How to execute windows cmd commands on windows ubuntu?

    I recently got windows ubuntu. I want to run a windows cmd command on windows ubuntu. Is that possible. For example, I want to open an exe file. In cmd, you can just type Executable.exe to execute that file. If I do that in windows ubuntu, it would result in Executable.exe: command not found...
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    SSH permission denied (public-key)

    I am stuck trying to get SSH to work from my iMac to my desktop running Ubuntu. I've combed through the forums for a solution but nothing has worked for me so far. Strangely, I can SSH in from my MacBook running a near identical version of macOS. This perhaps rules out any issues with the SSH...
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    .Net Core on Linux runs fine with 'dotnet myapp.dll' but fails with systemctl

    I am trying to host an ASP.Net Core MVC application on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS by following the directions in this tutorial. From the Linux machine, I use git pull to pull in my project. I build it successfully with dotnet build, which triggers a package restore. I publish it successfully with...