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    How do I verify the integrity of a Sybase dump file, without trying to load it?

    Here's the scenario - a client uploads a Sybase dump file to (gzipped) to our local FTP server. We have an automated process which picks these up and then moves them to different server within the network where the database server resides. Unfortunately, this transfer is over a WAN, which for...
  2. J

    Oracle insert with many bind variables over WAN is very slow

    We have problem with slow insert statement using 40 bind variables as columns values. It runs several seconds when running over WAN link and we were not able to nail down the problem, until we used network analyzer. Every single execution of this prepared query required exchanging over 120...
  3. S

    WAN Simulation for Web Site Testing

    I am searching a low cost WAN network simulation software for testing my website before production deployment. It should have following features 1. Controls bandwidth. 2. Can insert latency, jitter. 3. Can do some packet loss also (Desirable). Can anyone suggest me windows based software that is...
  4. P

    WAN Optimization Resources

    I'm looking for resources on writing software to do WAN optimization. I've googled this and searched SO, but there doesn't seem to be much around. The only things I've found are high-level articles in tech magazines, and info for network admins on how to make use of existing WAN optimization...
  5. B

    Wan simulator for windows

    Is there an open source /freeware wan similator for windows ?
  6. V

    How to use replication in combination with version control system?

    The situation is as follow : Our company works two main production sites, communicating via WAN. We develop a software internally which uses about 100Gb of disk space on our servers (application data deployed to our customers with a lot of images). In order in improve performance, our network...
  7. K

    How to get computer's WAN IP address in Java?

    How do i get the Wide Area Network of my computer with Java? I try with this: ServerSocket ss = new ServerSocket(port); System.out.println(ss.getInetAddress().getHostAddress()); //wich return then i try with this: System.out.println(InetAddress.getLocalHost().toString()); //which...
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    Where is the bottleneck / what are the gotchas when selecting records from a remote (linked) SQL server?

    I'm in a satellite office that needs to pull some data from our main office for display on our intranet. We use MS SQL Server in both locations and we're planning to create a linked server in our satellite office pointing to the main office. The connection between the two is a VPN tunnel I...
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    Communication Pc-Phone

    I'm quite new to android, but I have already created several apps and published, on the android market. But now I want to add an upgrade to my app. Basically, my app is a tracking software that currently works with an sms interceptor and so gets the data, like location, Camera, audio recording...
  10. S

    UDP transmission over WAN

    I have asked a couple of similar questions the last couple of days and received some really great help. I now understand my problem quite a bit better but I appear to have hit a snag. I have written a client server application that uses both a TCP and UDP connection. The TCP connection works...
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    How to know if WAN IP has changed and receive massive IP address broadcasts

    The system I am developing potentially has a very large number of clients (lets say one million) that need to periodically update a central server with some information. Clients are written in Java. The specific use-case is that the server backend needs to have an up to date mapping of IP...
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    What is the easiest way to test if a user is connected to our WAN?

    A bit of background. I work for a corporation that has a global WAN. External users connect to it through a VPN and must be connected to it in order to have access to their emails and, of course, shared network directories. I have a .Net application that is published and installed from our...
  13. L

    Expose TFS to the internet

    I have had TFS installed on a home server for a long time now and I love it. Now I need to expose it over the internet because me and a few others need to work on a programming project. I have a DLink router "DIR-825", and have done a lot of research and I am a bit stumped as to why I can not...
  14. V

    Constant data feed from a log file to wan

    I am looking for an efficient way to feed a log file via the network (a demon of sorts). Each packet being a number of lines from the log file so that they can be processed from the other end. It is important for the server to be independent from the client meaning that it should be able to...
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    ZK Architecture: Zookeeper Clients in WAN

    A Zookeeper architecture question for you ZK Gurus: I use zookeeper to manage messaging to a cloud of worker machines. Currently the application servers that control the messages and the workers are in the same infrastructure (network). I'm considering allowing clients to communicate with these...
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    What is a good way to keep track of a device's IP in the WAN?

    I have an idea on how I would go ahead and tackle this problem. But I'm just not too sure if this is quite right, and I would like your input on this. I'm working on a house that I need to communicate with, remotely. Now, it already happened that in 2010, the IP that the house was assigned to...
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    Equivalent of iframe on server side

    Is there any way to create an "iframe-like" on server side ? The fact is, I need to acceed to certains page of my society's intranet from our website's administration part. I already have a SQL link to the database that works fine, but here I would access to the pages without duplicating the...
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    Broadcast on different subnets

    Please if you can help me about my problem. On one side I have server with IP connected to the WAN interface of router ...Then on wireless LAN of my router I have connected a few clients. Now I will write code in C where client are requesting some UDP streams...
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    How to find the WAN ip for a connected computer

    I have been trying to get the IP of a person on my network, so I tried pinging them and finding their ip on my network site, but it didn't give me their WAN ip. Please help.
  20. C

    Remote mysql server access

    I have a mac computer and I run "xampp" my sql server on it. It works great locally but I want to access it from lets say my iPhone thats use 3g connection. I'm using the external ip of my computer but don't get to the sql server. I opened the 3306 port I'm my router but still doest work...