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    Serving many sites on same address and port without IIS

    I need to serve many sites, on the same address and port, with different path, without using IIS. For example, two static sites and one NodeJS server. I want to access them in these addresses: http://localhost:80/static1 http://localhost:80/static2 http://localhost:80/node_server I want also...
  2. M

    How to check if the electron app is running as Windows App or standalone exe?

    I am developing an electron app. It will be packaged as a standalone exe as well as a windows store app. If the election app is running as a standalone executable, I will check for updates. If the electron app is running as windows store app, I needn't check for updates, as it will be handled...
  3. F

    How to set drive in C

    I wonder if it is possible to switch drivers in C. For example: /*Example*/ #include <stdio.h>; int main(){ SwitchDrive("C:\"); FILE *c=fopen("example.txt","w"); fprintf(c,"Example"); fclose(c); SwitchDrive("D:\"); FILE *d=fopen("d_drive.txt","w")...
  4. S

    Keyboard shortcuts giving me errors in tkinter

    I am trying to create a text editor with python 3 and tkinter. The text editor works great except for when I try to use my keyboard shortcuts. Whenever I use any of the shortcuts, I get an error that says this: Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  5. N

    Creating .Bat with many commands

    My concern is "how to create .bat file which will launch a couple of commands and save completed result into a HTML file" I have next list of Windows (CMD) commands: Date, Time, Hostname, Net Accounts, Net Users, Net Group. For example: When i type: Echo Net Accounts >...
  6. R

    SQLCMD Mode run with .net windows application

    I want to run SQLCMD.EXE through .net windows application how can I achieve this?
  7. S

    FLutter - Error trying to run the application

    First sorry for bad English. I'm starting in Flutter, I already installed everything that is necessary but when trying to run the test app (either in the emulator or the device) I get the error messages below. Launching lib\main.dart on XT1097 in debug mode... Initializing gradle... Resolving...
  8. D

    Can't open Windows Named Pipe for writing?

    I don't understand why I can't even open a named pipe for writing that I created in another process. I get the error The writer (client): #include "Windows.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <errno.h> int main() { HANDLE hpipe; DWORD written; char msg[] = "play asdf.wav"; hpipe...
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    How do I check how many versions of Python I have installed on my device using the cmd prompt?

    I have Anaconda and Spyder, which I know use Python 3.6.5 and 3.6.6, alongside Python 3.7.0. How do I check how many version of python I have installed using the Windows Command Prompt?
  10. T

    How to execute windows cmd commands on windows ubuntu?

    I recently got windows ubuntu. I want to run a windows cmd command on windows ubuntu. Is that possible. For example, I want to open an exe file. In cmd, you can just type Executable.exe to execute that file. If I do that in windows ubuntu, it would result in Executable.exe: command not found...
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    Discover & Report Windows Version Info from C program

    We had a project built for Win2K, then WinXP, then Win7 that has now been converted from a 32-bit Win7 program using VS2010 to a 64-bit Win10 program using VS2017. The VS2017 project was created from scratch and the old sources where then imported and updated as needed. When I created the new...
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    How to test if gcc has failed to compile a program in Windows Batch File (cmd)?

    I have made this random C code (app.c) int main() { ERROR; // Just a random code to make sure the compiler fails. } and this batch file (run.bat) @echo off :start cls echo Compiling... gcc app.c -o app.exe app.exe pause goto start When I double-click run.bat, it gives me the following...
  13. Y

    Windows Task Scheduler - Run task nonstop

    I have a task/script, that I need to run nonstop. However, I have set up the task, and I keep trying to run it. It does run, but after I refresh the tasks, it stops, says "Ready," and also says "Task Completed." The thing is, I was able to do this before, and it continued running. My question...
  14. A

    The command “ Get-Command -Module Defender” has no output

    I need to disable Windows defender in an old build of Windows 10 (en_windows_10_pro_10240_x64_dvd) without activating windows update, The problem I'm facing is that the usual powershell commands to do that don't work, the command Get-Command -Module Defender has no output! output of...
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    AddressOfEntryPoint is beyond the end of the file

    I'm trying to understand what the AddressOfEntryPoint in the COFF header. I have a "nothing" .NET exe: class Program { public static void Main() { } } (I've compiled it as an x86 application) The values I get for the standard fields in the COFF header are: COFF - Optional Header...
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    Called through chef recipe, SQLPLUS unable to identify Oracle_Home environment variable in Windows 12R2

    I am running a chef recipe using chef client, which sets ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables and then executes oracle sql scripts to create a database instance. Environment variables are set using a windows batch file (.bat) SET ORACLE_BASE=C:\<ora_base> SET...
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    Passing switches ( eg -IncludeManagementTools) to Install-WindowsFeature as variables

    I'm using this as a way of finally getting around to using Stackoverflow properly! I'm trying to run the following line as part of a larger script: Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server -IncludeManagementTools WHich obviously works on it's own, but not when I try and pass "-IncludeManagementTools"...
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    Julia 1.0.0 on Windows 10 using PyPlot compiler error because it can't load library expected at: .julia\\packages\\Conda\\m7vem\\deps\\usr\\python37\

    I'm trying to get matplotlib working with Julia 1.0.0. Installed it but get error when I try to test it by doing this... ENV["PYTHON"]="c:\\ProgramData\\Anaconda3\\python.exe" using Pkg Pkg.add("PyPlot") using PyPlot ...which gets this error: ErrorException("error compiling display_error...
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    How can i use system() with rxrepl in WinCC OA?

    I try to use: string result; string path = "C:/winccoa.projects/filters/bin/tools/rxrepl.exe"; string cmd = "'opcki' | " + path + " -s 'op' -r 'tata'"; system(cmd, result); DebugN(result); But in LogViewer i see nothing, instead ["tatacki"] Why? What i doing wrong? In PowerShell that works...
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    How can delete all files with a specific extension with cmd batch, excluding 2 specific words? Windows

    I want to delete with a batch for windows all files with extension *.jpg in a folder (test) and its subfolder, except two files ex: abc.jpg and xyz.jpg that occur several times in different folders. I tried with h: cd test for /R %%f in (*.jpg) do (if not "%%~xf"=="abc.jpg" if not...