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    How to exit loop in an async call?

    Simplified version of my code is like this: var joined = false for room in rooms { checkRoom() { // async func if room.player.count == 1 { join(room) joined = true // break doesnt work here } } if joined { break; } }...
  2. K

    Save and resend Alamofire request

    I am using Alamofire and I want to send a get request. If this fails, I want to retry it again after some other operations. I save the request in a variable: let myRequest = Alamofire.request("myurl", method: .get) and in another function: func retry(request:DataRequest) {...
  3. J

    How to make links in Sparkle release notes open default browser?

    I am using Sparkle for updates in a macOS app, and pass release notes in the appcast.xml tag: <sparkle:releaseNotesLink>https://example.com/release-notes.html</sparkle:releaseNotesLink> The release notes contain HTML, which Sparkle displays, and link to more information about the release on my...