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I'm trying to do a ajax call to Openweathermap API and my variables are not being updated once the function leaves ajax. Can someone please explain to me why my var tmp is not being updated.
    var url1 = "" +"&lon="+marker.position.lng() + "&type=accurate&units=imperial&mode=json&APPID=8cbc2d4c3edf26435cf160f3cee969ed";
    var tmp;
    type: 'get',
    dataType: "jsonp",
    url: url1,
    async: false,
    success:function (data) {
tmp =data.list[0].main.temp +"F " + data.list[0].weather[0].description;
console.log(tmp); //it logs correctly here
console.log(tmp); //it says it's undefined here


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Ajax is async, not synchronous

  • your first TMP within the ajax callback will wait for the ajax to complete before execution.
  • your second TMP outside of your ajax callback will execute straight away before waiting the ajax to complete
You can read up on

some of the js solutions

  • callbacks ( beginner1 )
  • Async.js ( beginner2 )
  • Promises ( intermediate )
  • ES6 async/await ( advance )

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