Oracle insert with many bind variables over WAN is very slow


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We have problem with slow insert statement using 40 bind variables as columns values. It runs several seconds when running over WAN link and we were not able to nail down the problem, until we used network analyzer. Every single execution of this prepared query required exchanging over 120 packets between client and server to complete. What we can do to to execute it more efficiently?

When I run the same insert with actual parameters(without bind variables) from the same host it completes in tens of miliseconds. There is nothing special about the parameters, there are only short varchars and numbers.

We are using Delphi 6 with ODAC, we tried various versions of ODAC and Oracle client with no avail. On server side we tried both Oracle 10 and 11.


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TNS is not designed to work well over WAN.

If it's possible, rewrite your application to use other network layer, like HTTP, which is more efficient.

You can do it using Oracle HTTP Server, for instance.