UML sequence diagram - how to represent method arguments that instantiate objects


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I'm not sure how to represent something like the following in a sequence diagram (in Ruby):
 class FirstClass
   def process
       thing ='string argument', third_class, 2)

   def third_class'another string argument',)
The first message in the sequence is a call to an instance of FirstClass, and the part that's tripping me up is how to represent the being passed as an argument to the SecondClass initializer.


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Basically you just show how and in which order the objects are instantiated and not where they are assigned:


So first the ThirdClass is created and then SecondClass where you pass a ThirdClass parameter.

I don't know the exact Ruby syntax. So the new is a place holder. Other languages require the class name, Python uses __init__, etc. But the dashed arrow line shows that's it's an object creation.

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