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    I cant implement CursorLoader because of Fatal Error

    I am trying to create Fragment of ListView within Activity to interact with CursorLoader to get data from sqlite database and load it synchronously into listview which within Frgament code of activity : package com.example.startup.myfriends; import; import...
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    How can I add a fragment inside view pager framgent

    I am using a view pager .It contains three fragments. I need to add fragment on one of the view pager fragments when button clicked but I am having a problem in doing that. this is the java code that should opens the new fragment but there is something wrong in it...
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    Fragment interface/listener works with Activity, but not with another Fragment

    I have a fragment that also has two fragments inside. And I'm trying to implement the listeners within the two fragments to the parent fragment. However, I'm getting an error on @Override public void onAttach(Context context) { super.onAttach(context); if (context instanceof...