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    How to fix navigation bar in wordpress?

    I am working on a theme which has a dynamic menu when we scroll it goes hide. I want to fix it on the top just like w3school website. Any idea? Is it a good option to use a plugin like Sticky menu Here is the website link CSS .ehf-header #masthead { z-index: 30...
  2. J

    Tooltip hidden inside parent element

    I am using a tooltip plugin. On this page ( you see available options -> foot pedal. This one is hoverable and you get tooltip but it needs to overlap the accordeon because now it is hiding in it. How can I fix it?
  3. D

    Include Xenforo Redactor iframe in Tampermonkey

    I'm trying to create a Tampermonkey script for a website running Xenforo. Specifically I'm trying to target the WYSIWYG editor iframe and run the script when I edit the content but I just don't know how to do it. If I target the website itself, the script doesn't run when editing the content in...
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    Nested queries in MYSQL and nodejs Async Issue

    I want to execute an sql query for every row of another query so i wrote a function like export function getLocations(req, res) { let appData = []; const database = new Database(); database.query('select * from districts') .then(rows => { rows.forEach(row => { const...
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    Nodejs querying single data instead of all from mongodb collection

    I am trying to fetch data from mongodb's collection. My code is executing only single row data in json format. But when I console log my data I can see all the row data. const mongoose = require('mongoose'); const AllMinisters = require('../models/allMinisters'); var db; var mongodb =...
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    nodejs REPL doesn't process JSON.parse()?

    I'm trying node with REPL, parsing from string failed like this: $node > var str="{'a':1,'b':2}" undefined > var js=JSON.parse(str) SyntaxError: Unexpected token ' in JSON at position 1 But the reversed parse seems OK: > var json = {a : ' 1 ',b : ' 2'}; undefined > var str =...
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    Switching between font awesome icons

    I'm trying to switch between icons using the unicode. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, I've tried switching using their className instead, that didn't work for me either, any answers are appreciated. (I would like to use vanilla javascript only no jquery) const burger =...
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    What is the idea behind setting the attributes twice, once in html and then in jquery?

    I am new to javascript and jquery and i was looking at some code and found this to be very prevalent everywhere. <ul class="items"> <li class="item" aria-controls="item-0" role="tab"> </li> <li class="item" aria-controls="item-1" role="tab"> </li> <li class="item" aria-controls="item-2"...
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    Cannot add/remove classes from ng-class automatically to switch selected tab

    I'm trying to switch in between tabs, but the CSS is not removing the previously selected tab's "selected" class. This is how I'm doing it: <ul class="nav nav-tabs" style="margin-bottom: 2px !important; margin-left: 1px; border: none; color: black; font-weight: bold;"> <li...
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    How can I fix a problem when comparing numbers?

    The user is prompted to enter three numbers of their choice. When a 9 digit number is entered and is compared with a smaller number it says the smaller number is larger. function myFunction(){ var num1 = prompt("Enter your first number"); var num2 = prompt("Enter your second number"); var...
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    Django; How to redirect after confirm window

    I'm working on Django project. I'm creating a delete function and I'm wondering how I can redirect to a page with ajax. My current is this. def delete_post(request, pk): if request.method == 'DELETE': post = get_object_or_404(Post, id=pk) post.delete()...
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    AJAX function not receiving return data from a function it calls

    This is a bit difficult to explain, because I'm not sure what's happening. In my code base for this Django web project, I have a custom list class that manages several LI elements. The class has a 'find' method that returns the DOM element of the matching string. Next, I have an AJAX query that...
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    What can a malicious person do in javascript?

    Well I'm kind of fascinated by the safety of my projects and I have an issue that does not leave my head. I have a page to recover password, and the user needs to fill out the form with a valid data, in addition to performing the recaptcha test. To facilitate the user experience, I do the checks...
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    Is it possible to set the only first element on span in for loop?

    I want to set only first element on the span in for loop. Everything is working fine in the code but it's setting the last element on the span. I want to set the first element as cust_name. success : function(data) { console.log(data); var...
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    Email returning number values instead of name

    my code is returning the number of field instead of the name like the brand of the car: <select id="marca" name="marca" class="form-control"> <option value="">Marca</option> <option value="23">Aprillia</option> <option...
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    In Text area onchange value is not populating

    <textarea className="form-control queryheight box_xp" placeholder="Enter Dashboard Content" type="text" onChange={this.dashboardtextchartchange.bind(this)} value={this.state.textdashboard}> </textarea> Onchange function : dashboardtextchartchange(e){ this.setState({textdashboard...
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    Only call function after after a specific value on screen resize

    I'm trying to call a function on screen resize but only if the screen goes over or under a specific value rather than every time the screen is resized. In this example, I only want to call a function when the isMobile value has changed. window.addEventListener('resize', () => { if...
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    React Input text now being shown

    I'm trying to create a composed input text (joining 4 input components) but i'm not being able. Everything seems to be OK and the only way I Have been able to show the input text is placing it in the render of the main React component (cardform). In the DOM explorer (chrome) the only componet I...
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    How to slice a part of string using typescript?

    I am building up a custom select box with multi select as like angular material chips.. HTML <div class="autocomplete"> <div class="chips-input-container"> <div class="col-md-4"> <div class="user-chip" *ngFor="let user of userSelects"> {{}}...
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    Issue with large file in AudioContext CreateBuffer()

    i want to create an audio buffer with 1 channel,1190256000 length and 48000 sample rate.but i am getting an error in createBuffer() methode.please find the fiddle containing the sample.