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    Replace symbol .= php

    hello i have this code: $thread_qry5= "SELECT * FROM xenProve_prove ORDER BY view_count DESC LIMIT 5"; $row5 = XenForo_Application::get('db')->fetchAll($thread_qry5); foreach ( $row5 AS $rows5 ) {...
  2. K

    Phalcon and XenForo

    I'm trying to add XenForo to my Phalcon application. The project is structured like this: www/ phalcon/ app/ controllers/ AccountController.php views/ account login.phtml public/ forums/...
  3. T

    Login to Xenforo using C#

    I have some code that is meant to notify me when a new post has been made in a certain section of a Xenforo forum using RSS. The RSS feed is protected, meaning I have to be logged in to the forum to access it. When I try to access it after trying to login using C#, I get a 403 error. If anyone...
  4. J

    How do I update latest_tagged_content in xf_tinhte_xentag_tag row?

    I've created a XenForo thread and post which have been created in db and serialized tag is in the thread, but the tag row is not updated to include the latest_tagged_content. What is the best way to update the tag row with new thread/post? $writer =...
  5. S

    Navbar CSS Bootstrap for Xenforo Integration

    Is there anywhere where I can find just the CSS for the navbar for bootstrap? I am trying to integrate a bootstrap navbar with my xenforo theme, however if I am to use the entire stylesheet for bootstrap, that would break all the other style in the forums. Therefore I would need just the CSS...
  6. D

    How to correctly initialise XenForo environment and create a user?

    I am trying to create a new XenForo user in PHP. I am using this example code: $newusername = "Joseph"; $newpassword = "12345"; $newemail = "joseph@yahoo.com"; $fileDir = "/home/myfullpath/public_html/members/xenforo"; require( $fileDir . '/library/XenForo/Autoloader.php')...
  7. B

    setcookie() from localhost for other local site with domain name

    I have two site on my Linux installation : theming.dev xenforo.dev On theming.dev, inside my code, I have : setcookie("mycookiename", "cookievalue", time()+3600, "", "xenforo.dev"); But when I going on my local website called xenforo.dev, I don't have the cookie called "mycookiename", Why...
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    How to get checkboxes to repopulate using xenforo options

    Im using the following function in XenForo and the checkboxes are created for each node and the chosen options are saved in the db, but when the option is reloaded, the saved values are not being repopulated in the form. Option: <option option_id="hc_watched_forums_list" edit_format="callback"...
  9. S

    Aligning embedded chat and stream together with css

    I'm trying to embed a chat along with my twitch stream on a Xenforo (forum software) page. I want the stream to be 16:9 so it's HD, and I want it to adjust based on the user's resolution. Here's what I have so far to do that <style> .twitch {I position: left; padding-bottom...
  10. F

    Xenforo Password Authentication Problrm

    Following is my password stored hash: $P$Di4MXJKUkkJRfzrpffssNdasSN3XAg0 I am trying to authenticate my Xenforo password like this: $newHash = $crypt($userPass, $stored_hash); return $newHash === $stored_hash; For example: my password is: 123456 my password stored hash is...
  11. A

    SimpleXML can't get CDATA with ns prefixes

    My dilemma has to do with retrieving thread data through xenForo's RSS feeds. Here is a sample of the RSS data I'm trying to retrieve, everything works fine except for retrieving the <content:encoded>. Sample file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <rss version="2.0"...
  12. N

    XenAPI - How to convert API response to PHP Variable

    I am a newbie on PHP programming, currently i trying to integrate a Xenforo forum with my website. I would like to integrate the registration system use XenAPI plugin. I follow the guide from this page and it works! Example request...
  13. E

    How to add a new class to an html element in Xenforo

    I'm using xenforo, and I've tried to add a class to an element that I want to be in a different place, it doesn't have a class by default. I've tried to edit it in templates.xml but it's not changing
  14. R

    XENFORO: CAPTCHA on create/reply a thread

    Is there any way to enable the CAPTCHA for new thread and for reply a thread or we have to use a custom addon for that Thanks
  15. I

    Xenforo template hook a button in front of breadcrumb

    How can I add/create a call to action button in xenforo template in front of breadcrumb, like we open a category or forum, and you found a create thread button.
  16. F

    Can JSoup handle two-step auth form?

    I'm trying to log into a page that uses xenForo for their forums. I can log in fine without the two-step verification, but if a user is using two-step verification, is it possible to complete the login? Here's the necessary HTML <form action="login/two-step" method="post" class="xenForm...
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    SMF urls to Xenforo urls - Redirect via htaccess

    I need to redirect old urls of an SMF forum system to new Xenforo. Old url is : http://www.example.com/forum/index.php?topic=XXXX.0 and new url is : http://www.example.com/forum/threads/XXXX/ What is the true htaccess code?
  18. M

    Xenforo + Cloudflare Flexible SSL

    Today I installed my side for Xenforo and Cloudflare Flexible SSL. The Xenforo admin panel is working, and have SSL Green lock. But, if I opened for forum (index.php example), the browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.), blocked for load scripts. If I accept for load, the forum load. But no have...
  19. D

    Include Xenforo Redactor iframe in Tampermonkey

    I'm trying to create a Tampermonkey script for a website running Xenforo. Specifically I'm trying to target the WYSIWYG editor iframe and run the script when I edit the content but I just don't know how to do it. If I target the website itself, the script doesn't run when editing the content in...
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    Evaluating array content (PHP, XenForo)

    I'm having few troubles when evaluating an array data to filter some content. I'm sending to the template an array with few numbers (1,4,5,10,12,14,20 - for example) and then i want to filter if it has a specific value. Let's say i want to know if it has '2' as a single value. What would be the...