Constant value changing


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Suppose I have a struct definition:
struct thing
    thing* x;
    int z;

    thing() : x(this), z(0) {}
    void foo() const
Note that I create a mutable pointer to myself (evil laugh)

And then I can use this later like this:
int main()
    const thing c;;
    assert(c.z == 1);;
    assert(c.z == 2);
    return c.z;
And as you can see it seems that I can change a constant this UB?


Thành viên BQT
Except that any class member declared mutable ([]) can be modified, any attempt to modify ([expr.ass], [], [expr.pre.incr]) a const object ([basic.type.qualifier]) during its lifetime ([]) results in undefined behavior.
A const object is an object of type const T or a non-mutable subobject of such an object.
c.z is a const object, because it is a non-mutable subobject of c. Your code attempts to modify it during its lifetime. It follows that the code has undefined behavior.

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