Error - expressSessionMiddleware is not a function


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I'm trying to use to sockets with the users' sessions, but I keep getting this error when I try add the middleware. Here is my code:
var express = require('express');
var socket = require('');
var sharedSession = require("");

function main(req, res, server, session) {

    res.sendFile(__dirname + "/views/find.html");

    var io = socket(server);

    io.use(sharedSession(session, {
        autoSave: true

All the parameters passed to the main function seemed when I console.log'd them, so I don't think it's that. Any help on why this error occurs would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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You also have to middleware session into express app after that you can use the sharedSessionmiddleware.

Correct way

var app = require('express')(),
  server  = require("http").createServer(app),
  io = require("")(server),
  session = require("express-session")({
    secret: "my-secret",
    resave: true,
    saveUninitialized: true
  sharedsession = require("");

// Attach session

// Share session with io sockets

Reference to official documentation -

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