How to do a partial search on a row key in azure table storage?


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I am using Azure table storage along with node js for a ticketing app. I am using the client's name as a partition key and ticket id as a row key. For example:
RowKey: {'_': 232344}
I want the row key to be a combination of ticketid and customer's phone number. Ex:
RowKey: {'_': 232344_9393944392} or RowKey: {'_': 2323449393944392}
and be able to do a partial search on row key using the customer's phone number and retrieve all tickets raised by a customer. How can I do it in node js?
The following code is how I am querying table storage.
const azure = require('azure-storage');
const query = new azure.TableQuery().where('PartitionKey eq ?',client).and('Rowkey eq?',ticketId);
This is where I am stuck as I do not how to do a partial search on the row key.


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There are two possible solutions:
  • Use Phone Number rather than Ticket Id as PartitionKey. If so, searching a phone number among tickets can be converted into a simple partition scan. This is a more efficient way.
  • Keep using Ticket Id as PartitionKey, and use RowKey format PhoneNumber_TicketId. If so, searching a phone number among tickets can be converted to a filter string such as RowKey ge '9393944392' and RowKey lt '9393944393', which is a full table scan since no PartitionKey is filtered in the string. This is a less efficient way since full table scan happens.

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