My array is not loading pictures to the html [on hold]


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I believe I have this coded correctly, but I'm not getting the image to show up.

Here is the array of questions, answers and the image:
var questions = [

question:"Where should choking victims place their hands to indicate to others that they need help?",

choices:["A: Over the eyes", "B: Around the throat", "C: On the knees", "D: On the hips"],
correctAnswer:"B: Around the throat",

image:"<img: src='../assets/images/jeopardy.png' class='cashMoney'>"]
Here is how I'm calling the image:
function playerWin() {
    var image = questions[questionTracker].image;
    $("#gameShow").html("<p>You got it right!</p>");
I also tried appending the image to a Div through its own function
function displayImage() {
    var image = questions[questionTracker].image;
The image should show up with the
tag, but it does not.
Very new to all this. Any help greatly appreciated! Sorry If I didn't format the question correctly. It looks fine on the editor but loses the indentation when I post. :/


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Your image isn't working because of the invalid HTML:
<img src: '...'>
There shouldn't be a colon. Replace this line in your array:
image:"<img: src='../assets/images/jeopardy.png' class='cashMoney'>"]
With this line:
image:"<img src='../assets/images/jeopardy.png' class='cashMoney'>"];
And your problem will be fixed.

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