Passing string to function as an object's property in “let” gives “Unexpected token }”


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I'm trying to make a 'generic' charting function which takes a series of parameters for charting different data values with different labels and baseline values. I've created the following function to handle this:
function ProcessChart(obj, valToChart, desc, element, baselineVal) {
    let arr = => {
        let { dateTime, [valToChart] } = e; // ERROR: Unexpected token }
        return [new Date(dateTime), +[valToChart]];

    arr.unshift(["DateTime", desc]);
    var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable(arr)

    var options = {
        title: desc + " for " + obj[0].computerName,
        curveType: 'function',
        legend: { position: 'bottom' },
        animation: {
            startup: false,
            duration: 500
        vAxis: {
            baseline: baselineVal,
            baselineColor: 'red'

    var chart = new
    chart.draw(data, options);
google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(ProcessChart(obj, "averageJitterInMs", "Average Jitter (ms)", "line-jitter-8hr", 10))
google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(ProcessChart(obj, "roundTripLatencyInMs", 'Round-Trip Latency (ms)', 'line-delay-8-hr', 8))
The problem is my valToChart being passed gives an error:
Unexpected token }
Is there another way I should be expressing this as a dynamic property on my obj object? I've tested this code with 'hard-coded' values in each place and it works fine.


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No destructuring required (it doesn't work that way anyway)
let arr = => [new Date(e.dateTime), +e[valToChart]]);
Should do what you want

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