PHP operators in an IF…ElseIf…Else statement. Jumping to Else?


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I am trying to use the IF...ElseIf...Else statement which includes basic Logical and Comparison operators. When running the code, instead of looping trough the if statement it echos the else statement only. I followed w3schools ( and but had no luck. I am kind of confused now, is there a better way of how to do it please?
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">

    $currentHour = Date("G");

     echo $currentHour;

     if ($currentHour > "21" && $currentHour < "5")
           echo '<div class="item1" id="night">';
     elseif ($currentHour > "7" && $currentHour < "19")
           echo '<div class="item1" id="day">';
           echo '<div class="item1" id="twilight">';



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Replace && with ||.

In your if statement, if $currenthour > 21 then obviously $currenthour < 5 will fail. Similarly with your elseif statement.

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