Update a local repository with changes from a GitHub repository? NOT “git pull origin master”


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I have created a CLI application for a friend of mine written in Ruby. In order to be useful, this application needs to be updated weekly, which I will do by pushing the changes to GitHub. My friend is the furthest thing from tech-savvy and is incapable of following the steps in order to pull the changes from a GitHub repository.
Is there an easier way for my friend to update their local version of the application each week? The solution might not involve GitHub at all, but I can't think of one.
Thanks in advance for any solutions or suggestions.


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try to execute a system call at the beginning of your application. like:
# some_script.rb

# git repo initialization (if needed)
# system('git init . && git remote add ...')
system('git pull origin master')

p 'main ruby logic'